We Believe :

 The faculty, Govt. College of Nursing believe that nursing is a professional discipline based on the holistic concept of health care, directed towards rendering quality care to the clients with commitment & compassion.

 We believe health as a dynamic state of being on a continuum from optimal wellness to illness and a state of health exists when a person functions as an integrated whole, living and interacting with environments in a productive manner.

 We believe the profession of nursing makes an essential contribution to society and education for professional Nursing is best conducted in an institution of higher learning.

 We believe Nursing Education takes place through a planned teaching learning process and this education prepares the student for professional practice and leadership roles within an ever changing health care industry.

 We believe Nursing Education at the masters level is specifically concerned with preparing Nurses with advanced practice skills to provide expert nursing care to society & contribute to nursing science as mentors.

 We believe that professional nurses contribute to the nursing research, work toward continued improvement & growth of nursing.

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